PMI, Transformation & Turnaround

Mergers, major transformations and turnarounds have a profound impact on all aspects of a company - the stakes and risks are high. It is a well-known fact that many mergers don’t live up to the original expectations.

Transformations and turnaround put a lot of strain on any organization, since these organizations usually have little experience in managing such changes.

OC&C has accumulated extensive experience in assisting clients going through such profound changes. It is key to establish clear goals, to have a structured process with clear milestones, and in the case of a merger secure a shared commitment between acquirer and target management. Furthermore speed is of the essence, as to not lose momentum. It is vital to proactively identify and build upon common values in order to successfully blend the different cultures.

To achieve all this we follow a structured approach in which we offer both analytical and process support:

  • Define work plan and ensure that ambitious yet realistic action plans are defined
  • Provide analytical support, to facilitate decision making
  • Enhance stamina and commitment at the top and provide leverage to maintain pace within operational Task Forces
  • Define tools for monitoring progress real time
  • Offer independence in dealing with culture and values