Strategy Realization, PMO

Formulating a winning strategy is a huge challenge, yet executing it is often even more difficult. Successful strategy implementation requires from the organization not only the right and fully committed management team but also an appropriate approach and process.

OC&C helps our clients to improve performance by supporting the management team in the execution of the most complex changes, such as restructuring, cost reduction, PMI, a new Go-To-Market strategy or introducing innovative business models. OC&C works collaboratively with the management teams to help them achieve tangible results and create long-lasting improvements. We transfer our know-how and experience into the organizations of our clients in order to build the competencies of employees and make the existing organization stronger.

OC&C has developed a proven approach to strategy implementation. We break down the complex strategic plans into detailed actionable tasks with clearly assigned milestones, deadlines and responsibilities. We use user-friendly tools to facilitate the execution process and report to the management the implementation progress and highlight issues that require corrective measures. We prioritize the active involvement of the management team in the process as, in our view, engaging all employees is crucial.