Digital Stractics. How Strategy Met Tactics and Killed The Strategic Plan

December 04, 2015 | NEWS

By Chris Outram, Founder and Chairman of OC&C.

In the world of digital business, the line between strategy and tactics is blurring. Companies are realising that their strategies need to become increasingly tactical so they can respond quickly to change. In his latest book, Chris Outram, Founder and Chairman of OC&C, presents why traditional companies need to reinvent their approach, retaining their vision whilst increasing their pace of decision making in a combination of strategy and tactics – ‘Stractics’.

In Digital Stractics, available from the 4th December 2015, Outram argues that in today's digital economy, even large companies are finding that their planning horizons are being measured in months rather than years or quarters.

On the other hand, investors are less swayed by the excitement of 'digital' and expect harder and more rigorous medium term planning from start-ups. As a result, while ‘learning by doing’ is becoming part of traditional companies’ strategy processes, online-only companies are no longer just making it up as they go along, but actively learning and changing. In short: on the battlefield of online commerce, strategy blends with tactics. The distinction between pure play and hybrid business models is increasingly redundant as more holistic business models begin to surface.

Digital Stractics captures the experience and insights of some 80 entrepreneurs, CEOs and chairmen of both pure plays and hybrids – including well-known brands such as British Airways, Google, eBay, L’Oreal, and Santander – to illustrate what it now takes for companies to make it in a digital world.

Stractics is available in hardback and is available on Amazon here.